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Heimtex January 2020

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Heimtex   09.01 - 12.01   2024

We will be at Heimtex January 2024 in Hall 3.0 B29

About Studio Orbit

Studio Orbit is a Danish textile design studio.
We have been selling designs world wide for more than 20 years now.

During the year, we are traveling in Europe, with our collection,
visiting customers. On our tours, we always spend some time photographing,
and gathering materials for our new designs.

Photos from the wild nature, mixed with aquarelle painting,
and a touch of Photo Shop on a mac, is what it takes,
to keep us going, making new designs.

Or as one of our customers, Art in Motion, so nicely describe the way we work:

Studio Orbit

Inspired by everything from the soothing patterns and vibrant colors of nature to the innovative shapes, colors and texture of the digital world, Studio Orbit is known for creating stunning designs sold around the world. When traveling through Europe, this artistic team can be found, camera in hand, capturing the new sites surrounding them. These images and memories are then transformed, forming the inspiration for future works of art.

Originally from Sweden, artist Loka obtained a MFA degree from the Danish Design Academy. After graduation, she and her husband saw the opportunity to build their own business and create their unique destiny. “I realized that the main rule for being creative is not to have any stress. It is more important to have fun with what I do”.

With this ideal in place, Studio Orbit was born.

The creative rule of “no stress and have fun” creates a fundamental element that seems to shine through her works, where each piece she creates is a small representation of one of the European gardens that bring her so much joy and contentment.

Thanks to: Art In Motion.

"The team"           

Loka Lagerlöv Grum-Schwensen
Mobile: +45 40 28 44 66

William Lagerlöv

Morten Grum-Schwensen

Mobile: +45 27 28 44 66